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ipad_table_managementTable Management Has Never Been So Easy

Introducing the completely redesigned table management feature. Table management now offers a more robust feature set, allowing restaurant owners to simplify table service even when complex restaurant seating is in play.
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CSM-Table-MgmtWith automation built right in, CSM will save your employees time and save you money. Packed with features like “another round”, it's as simple as one click to duplicate the drinks for the group.


One for All, and All for One

With CSM you can track orders by single ticket or by individual seats. Splitting the bill is easy with software that does it for you. Squash arguments with the split a dish feature that lets you split a dish, like appetizers, across multiple tickets.


Change in Planstable

Customers keep changing their minds? No problem. Coffee Manager's new graphical layout is easy to make changes, additions, and split the bill. You keep your cool, and CSM keeps track of it all.





Table Management requires CSM Version 3.  Upgrade today for free.  Minimum hardware requirements required.  



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