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  • Coffee Shop Inventory

Explore These Features:

inventory_tabletMake your Complicated Inventory Simple

CSM simplifies the complicated task of taking inventory. You can enter physical inventory directly into the system and tell you exactly what adjustments need to be made. That’s not all! The system also tracks your purchase orders, receipts, invoices–all the paperwork associated with ordering and inventory, making the purchasing process that much easier.

pic_man_tabletMastering Inventory is Easy!

check-mark-grey Instant "food cost analysis" as you setup your menu items.

check-mark-grey Detailed variance reporting helps make the right inventory decisions

check-mark-grey Enter physical inventory directly into the system, CSM automatically makes updates for you

check-mark-grey Track everything you need to order inventory: purchase orders, receipts, and invoices


icon_alertsGet Inventory Alerts!

Have you ever run a coupon on a free bakery item–only to run out of scones? Receive alerts right away when ingredients drop below a predetermined warning level. From food cost variances to real-time ingredient quantities and accurate cost tracking, inventory reports are critical to managing your shop’s inventory costs.
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