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Explore These Features:


All You Need to Keep Your Coffee Shop Brewing

Go beyond the brew and connect directly with customers through powerful online & mobile ordering and customer loyalty rewards marketing. Your coffee shop’s customers are why you do what you do. Treat them like VIPs with help from Coffee Shop Manager. With our feature rich, coffee specific system, you have everything you need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Designed for Your Customer Data

Coffee Shop Manager is the only specialized coffee POS designed from the ground up with your customer data at the core, so put it to use! CSM makes it easy with powerful search and analysis features that let you pinpoint customers - from those that haven’t visited in awhile to those I-always-get-a-nonfat-latte-but-never-tried-a-scone customers.


Reward Loyal Customers, One Latte at a Time

Ready to take your customer database to the next level? Put your marketing on auto-pilot and relax knowing that the right customers will be reached at just the right time, with just the right message.  Reward customers for purchases, issue secure 1-time use offers they can use online or in-shop, and communicate whichever way your customers prefer - email or text.

Incredible Technology, 
Reasonable Price

Our affordable package and subscription options make it easy to get the technology that’s just right for your business - on any budget