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  • About Coffee Shop Manager


Developed by Coffee People, for Coffee People

First launched in 2001, Coffee Shop Manager was developed in Washington, the heart of the software and coffee industries. Our solutions have been serving the needs of the specialty coffee industry and selected quick serve environments ever since with customers in all 50 states.

Our lead software designer has over 25 years experience in the development of point of sale (POS), accounting and custom software solutions for small business. Our staff has a blend of technology and specialty coffee experience, including former owners and managers of coffee shops. We believe that this diversity of experience positions us to better understand and meet the needs of our customer base.

In 2012, we joined Granbury Solutions, an innovative technology firm specializing in restaurant systems.  With the stable backing of Granbury, we are able to offer our clients leading-edge products to revolutionize all aspects of your business.

Meet the Team

team_TomTom Bronson - President & CEO

As President and CEO at Granbury Solutions, Tom oversees day-to-day operations of the business and evaluates opportunities for strategic expansion. Tom is a seasoned sales and marketing executive with strong leadership skills. His experience and leadership style provide Granbury with the ability to capture and package its strengths while seizing market opportunities rapidly and effectively. Relying on wisdom derived from his extensive background in technology, distribution and advertising, Tom focuses on one core mission Granbury: delivering an unmatched suite of business-building products to the hospitality industry.


Jon_circle.pngJon Decker, Vice President of Sales

Jon brings extensive experience in sales and development in the technology space and is dedicated to improving operations and creating value. With experience in leadership at Granbury Solutions processing partner Mercury Payment Systems and a keen understanding of the Point of Sale market, Jon is known for the ability to foster growth and development, and integrate processes which enable growth and profitibility.


Duessa Holscher, Chief Product Officer

Duessa Holscher is Chief Product Officer at Granbury Solutions. She began working in restaurant technology marketing in 1994, with posts at RapidFire Software and Radiant Systems, prior to founding FireFly Technologies in 2001. As Managing Partner at FireFly, she managed the development of the company's flagship POS product until Granbury acquired FireFly in 2010. Today Duessa leads product development and technology integrations across Granbury’s divisions. She is also responsible for defining the company’s overall market strategy and product roadmap in 2015 and beyond. An Oregon native, Duessa is an avid gardener, foodie and wine enthusiast.



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From point-of-sale to enterprise management, online ordering to restaurant marketing, Granbury  Solutions (GS) has brought together experienced industry leaders to provide our customers with end-to-end technology solutions and superior service. With roots in quick service, pizza, delivery, fast casual and full service, our solutions are comprehensive and tuned to your unique needs. Our innovative approach to technology development and implementation enables our clients to maximize their technology dollars and minimize the complexity of managing their operation.


Our People and Culture

While we’re proud of the software we create, our incredible team truly makes our company what it is today. From our customer support to product development, passion for the hospitality industry is the thread that binds us together. This passion drives us to continually evolve and grow with your winery clients. At Granbury Solutions, we love what we do and we’re focused on one core mission - helping our hospitality clients succeed with the best technology, service and support.

Some of our Raving Fans

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