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  • Coffee Shop Software Pricing


Coffee Shop Manager Packages

Get started today with a single station software license for as low as $99 per month, or take advantage of a complete CSM package with everything you need to build your coffee shop, all for one low monthly price! CSM packages are complete coffee shop and cafe management solutions including fully integrated online and mobile ordering, powerful loyalty marketing and rewards program, enterprise management system, plus the essential hardware accessories training and technical support services.


We've combined some of our most popular options to provide you with all the hardware and software you need. Of course, we can also mix and match components to meet your particular needs. Please contact us to request a customized proposal.


Don't Need Hardware?

Monthly software-only subscriptions starting at $99 for the first station and $49 for every additional station.


starting from
per month + Setup

 Support Included

CSM POS Software

Menu Preparation


Technical Services

Tablet Enclosure for Surface Pro

Encrypted Credit Card Reader

Ethernet Printer

Printer-driven Electronic Cash Drawer

Additional Drawer Insert

starting from
per month + Setup

     Support Included

CSM POS Software

Menu Preparation


CSM Back Office

POS PC w/I3 Processor with OEM licensed Windows 7 Pro

15" TouchDynamic Flat Panel Touchscreen Display

Electronic Cash Drawer

Additional Drawer Insert

Integrated Magnetic Credit Card Reader



Payment Processing

CSM is proud to partner with industry leader OpenEdge for eCommerce, POS and Club transaction payment processing.


Powerful Point-of-Sale Options

Need a more powerful POS?  CSM is fully integrated with solutions to help your coffee shop succeed, one latte at a time.

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Flexible Options

Need a combination of services you don't see here?  Need to add user licenses to your standard package? Contact Us for a customized proposal.

Everything you Need

Our team will help you get set up with everything you need to get going - from hardware to software.

Enterprise Solutions 

From custom integrations to multi-brand solutions, we've got you covered. Contact Us to learn about our highly customizable enterprise solutions.
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