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Explore These Features:


Traditional Point of Sale

Designed for the unique needs of coffee shops, cafes and bakeries, Coffee Shop Manager has everything you need to ring up orders, delight your customers and manage every aspect of your business. Best of all, you get the freedom to choose what’s right for your business from hardware to credit card processing!




Incredible Technology, Reasonable Price 

Our affordable package and subscription options make it easy to get the technology that’s just right for your business - on any budget.


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Grow your Coffee Shop with CSM

Coffee Shop Manager is available with customer loyalty, enterprise reporting, and so much more - all integrated seamlessly, so you can focus on your customers.

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Tablet Based Point of Sale

Save Counter Space Without Sacrificing the Features You Need

Enjoy all the benefits of a full coffee shop point of sale system from the convenience of a tablet. Flexible and powerful, you’ll be able to ring up orders, look up customers, and pull manager reports - all from a sleek, affordable tablet.


coffee rewards programCustomer Loyalty Solutions

Don’t lose touch with a single customer - automate and promote with SalesBuilder, a multi-store automated email and mobile marketing rewards system. Whether integrated with your POS or as a stand alone option, we make marketing to your customer base easy.

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payment-newCredit Processing Solutions

Process credit and gift cards safely, quickly and reliably with our integrated payment processing solutions. Learn how Coffee Shop Manager will help keep your restaurant PCI compliant.

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Some of our Raving Fans

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 Cabin Coffee:
A POS Lifesaver

Hinee Gourmet Coffee:
Marketing Automation
Customer Loyalty

Brew’d Awakening:
Powerful Reporting

Let us walk you through a personalized live demo of our unmatched suite of coffee business tools.

Incredible Technology, 
Reasonable Price


Our affordable package and subscription options make it easy to get the technology that’s just right for your business - on any budget