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Powerful Coffee Shop POS

Your custom coffee shop deserves more than just another cash register or generic order taking app. Custom designed for the needs of a coffee shop, Coffee Shop Manager point-of-sale is at the core of the nation’s most successful specialty coffee businesses. Take custom coffee orders, track customers, and manage every aspect of your business from inventory to employees. Choose the hardware that’s right for your business and then add on powerful tools to help you take your business to the next level!

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Mobile & Online Orderingcoffee_ipad_selfserve_online

You know your coffee is better, but how do you compete with the big chain coffee shops? The answer is simple - great service! Shorten lines and make it easy for your customers to order on the go with your own branded mobile & online ordering app that pushes orders straight into your POS system.

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coffee rewards program

Customer Loyalty & Automated Marketing

Turn new customers into regulars with proven customer loyalty tools that drive more business and delight your customers. From integrated prepaid gift cards to automated text message and email marketing tools, we’ve got you covered.

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enterprise_infograficEnterprise Management Tools

Whether you operate two coffee shops or ten, Coffee Shop Manager has all of the above-store management tools you need to successfully run your enterprise. With the ability to push and pull data to and from multiple stores from your headquarters location, Coffee Shop Manager empowers you to simplify menu maintenance, streamline employee data, and access reporting from any store.


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Our affordable package and subscription options make it easy to get the technology that’s just right for your business - on any budget.