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  • Online Ordering for Coffee Shops

Explore These Features:


Give Your Customers Convenient Online & Smartphone Ordering!

Two easy ways for your customers to order on-the-go.

• Easy for your customers to use.  Fully mobile responsive.
• Your colors, your pictures, your domain.
• Your menu, prices, and coupons are always up to date - right from your POS system.
• Boost those ticket averages with powerful suggestive selling
• Keep customers coming back with loyalty rewards

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Control Your Customer Experience

Don’t invite your customers to shop the competition!  
Give them a great online ordering experience, right on your own website. Customize the look to match your brand.



Increase Your Bottom Line

Online ordering is more than just a convenient way for your customers to order.  Put the power of suggestion to work for your cafe and increase ticket averages with tools that help your customers find just what they are craving. Our suggestions help your employees upsell to your customers every time.


tablet_newCSM_baked.jpgYour Coffee Shop, Your App.

  • HTML5 App is fully compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Custom branded app can be downloaded from your website or the app store
  • Features your graphical look
  • Location finder if you have multiple stores
  • Allows customers to easily reorder their favorite items or create a new order
  • Pay securely with a credit card (PA-DSS Validated)
  • Orders automatically transmitted to the Coffee Shop Manager POS system
  • Customers love skipping the line!


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Skip the Lines with Online Ordering

Your customers are on the go and they don’t want to wait. CSM lets them order from anywhere, anytime. Reorder your favorites in just a few clicks. At busy times, customers love skipping the line and getting their coffee fast!



  • Incorporate online ordering into your existing website or we'll create a site for you.
  • Easy, graphical order lets customers browse the menu at their leisure and customize their drinks.
  • Our intelligent suggestion program helps increase your ticket averages.
  • Orders automatically transmitted to the Coffee Shop Manager POS System.
  • Near an office or business park?  Let employees place their order and have it ready for their break - without having to wait in line!
  • Great for large parties or meeting orders.

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Incredible Technology, 
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Our affordable package and subscription options make it easy to get the technology that’s just right for your business - on any budget