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4 Tech Must-Haves for Every Coffee Shop or Cafe

Finding the right balance of technology for any business can be hard. It’s especially difficult for coffee shops and cafes, where ambiance is just as important as what’s on the menu. If you have too much technology, you may lose customers who are looking for a cozy place to sit and write the next great American novel. Have too little technology, though, and your business could be suffering.

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Brewing Up the Next Trend: Coffee Shops Serving an Experience

What's popular in the coffee shop world is always changing. Jumping from locally-sourced ingredients to industrial-looking decor, it can be hard to keep up with what people are into. There are some trends, though, that stick around longer than a couple months or a year, quietly growing in popularity until, before you know it, they're shining at the forefront. The trend of experiential coffee is turning out to be one of those trends. Starbucks recently announced that they will add Reserve coffee bars to up to 1,000 cafe locations, mostly across the United States. Reserve bars are, essentially, the coffee giant's attempt to take on the premium brewing experience that customers have started to demand recently.

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